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Host a Legislative Action Event

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An NRA-ILA Legislative/Grassroots Workshop is an event conducted by your local NRA-ILA Field Coordinator in conjunction with your business. 

These workshops are designed to inform your customers about current political climates regarding the Second Amendment and ways that they can become involved in protecting their rights.  The event may include an audio-visual presentation by your local NRA-ILA field staff.  Depending on the time of year and current political situations, the workshop may be focused on updating attendees on current legislation and possible implications.  Other times it could be more of a grassroots-focused workshop that is geared towards those who are interested in becoming actively involved in protecting their right to bear arms. 

The event, along with your store, will be promoted on our website and through blast emails.  This will aid in attendance and foot traffic into your business.  Literature and giveaways will be provided.  Everything regarding the event, including marketing, is free of charge.

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